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Mar 26, 2013 1:40am PDT
by secretary of state john kerry. after a private meeting with afghan president hamid karzai, kerry insisted that they are on, quote, the same page regarding security and release of prisoners despite suggestions otherwise. >> president karzai agrees there are certain people there who shouldn't necessarily be out, you know, creating problems. and so we're very comfortable that -- that sovereignty is fully protected and the interest of the united states with respect to prisoners are fully protected. >> president karzai said that a prison review board would carefully consider any u.s. intelligence about detainees deemed too dangerous to set free. >>> mixed messages out of cyprus this morning after a $13 billion bailout to avert an economic meltdown. in the mediterranean nation, banks were to reopen today, but they decided to keep them closed until thursday. the president of cyprus described the rescue plan as painful. >>> the death of a russian tycoon was consistent of hanging. necessity are not saying if the 67-year-old billionaire businessman hanged himself. but pathologists found no
Mar 22, 2013 1:40am PDT
continues. so we expect to see secretary of state john kerry here more often than his predecessor in the coming weeks and months trying to jump-start peace talks. israel will continue to ask the u.s. to exert heavy pressure on iran to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon. and as we watched syria descend further into the chaos in their two-year civil war, i can imagine israel and the u.s. will keep talking a lot about how to contain the fallout from that war. so there is still quite a bit left on the table. >> abc's alex marquardt live from jerusalem. thank you. >> stay with abc news as we follow the president's every move in the mideast. live updates on "america this morning" and "good morning america" with the latest on this historic visit. >>> new details about a suspect in the murder of colorado's prison chief killed in texas in a shootout there. he has been tentatively identified as evan spencer ebel, an ex-con that belonged to a white supremacist gang. police in texas say when they tried to pull over ebel's car he suddenly accelerated and put a gun out his window. >> he came b
Mar 25, 2013 3:00am PDT
down the second largest bank. >>> secretary of state john kerry delivering a warning to iraqi leaders during a surprise weekend stop in baghdad. the u.s. wants iraq to stop letting iran use airspace for flights to syria. officials believe the flights are carrying weapons to the syrian government. iran says flights are bringing humanitarian supplies to syria. >>> new developments in the murder of colorado's top corrections officer. abc news learned prisons in the state have been on lockdown because of fears there could be more attacks. and it all appears to be linked to a white supremacist group. >> reporter: the motive for the murder of tom clements may have been revenge for breaking up a prison gang. clements concerned about the rise of a white supremacist group, 211 crew, sent its leaders to another prison trying to diminish their power base. evan ebel just paroled in january was a member of 211 crew. law enforcement yet to confirm the connection. the fear, the potential for more attacks from other gang members. the governor's mansion and state capitol have expanded security followi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3